The year is 25 AG, 25 years after the genocide of the Air Nomads. Firelord Azulon has ruled for 5 years. Azulon immediately attack the Northern Water Tribe as Sozin had done before him, but to no avail. The western coast of the Earth Kingdom has been claimed by the Fire Nation, and Fire Nation settlements dot the landscape. There are warriors in the Fire Nation army who have never seen the mainland. Some Air Nomads have survived, taking refuge in the Water Tribe and Earth Kingdom lands. The Fire Nation has organized task forces to scour villages for any traces of surviving Air Nomads. Waterbenders are similarly sought, though not to as violent a degree, because the next incarnation of the Avatar should be as a Waterbender. Because of the isolation of the Air Nomads and the scarcity of Airbending masters, not all Air Nomads are born with bending capabilities. Those without bending abilities are more able to hide among the rest of the world, but lack the spirituality of the Air Nomads.


  • War. The game takes place after a major genocide, a fresh Fire Lord has redoubled efforts to eradicate any trace of the Avatar, and the world has buckled under the force of the Fire Nation.
  • Isolation. Your characters are a band of rebels in an unfriendly land. You will have Fire Nation renegades and surviving Air Nomads amongst your number, making you some of the most wanted criminals in the world. In that situation, how many outsiders can you trust?
  • Hope. The Earth Kingdom people are stubborn, stalwart, and warm-hearted. Though the Fire Nation is aggressive and powerful, Ba Sing Se takes 100 years to fall. The Earth Nation is not easily conquered, and many of its people will fight the opression of the Fire Nation to their last breath.
  • Spirituality. Each Bending Art encompasses a rich philosophy, guiding its practitioners in their adventures.


  • Greyscale. Avatar: The Last Airbender takes on some heavy subjects while remaining a light, well-paced adventure. Avatar: The Great War will take the same approach, delving into the horrors of war while the young characters work to keep spirits up and spread hope.

Avatar: The Great War